Story by Malaysia Golson and Destiny White, Photo by Destiny White

No bedtimes, partying all night long, going far away from home and spending time with friends and family is what kicks off a great spring break. As students come back from their thrilling and well-needed break from school, students and teachers talk about their experiences over break. “I went to Atlanta Georgia with my roommate I went hiking, shopping and tried some local restaurants and had some downtime with my friends,” Dance teacher Jennifer Rouse said.  Being away from school for a period of time has its perks. “It was just the fact I didn’t have to worry about when I gotta turn assignments or the fact that I didn’t have to even worry about finding a time to do my homework between basketball stuff,” sophomore Jaylen Leonard said. Though spring break is all about having fun and getting a break from school there are still many ways to ruin what could have been a great spring break for students. “The fact that I didn’t get to hang out with any of my friends because they didn’t hit me up to go anywhere,” freshman Sebastian Shields said. Now that the fun is over, students are ready and willing to get back to work. “To really stay focused,” senior Dynnae Washington said, “Being as though I’m a senior, counting down the weeks till graduation is really motivating to keep up my work and finish the year strong.”

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