Story by Ta’Nya Davis and Laura Santos, Photos by ​photos by Kelly Payne 

Warm-hearted junior Francisco Sierra-Vazquez may be the new kid on the block, but he is taking steps towards leadership. With this leadership, he helps others one step at a time, and that first step is running in club elections. Francisco is running for Model UN Vice President, Beta Club President, Student Council Senior Class Vice President, and Mock Trial attorney.

“I think he is a very warm person. I think he really likes people. I think he extremely open-minded to different people with different cultures, religions, and races,” Beta Club advisor Kelly Payne said. “One of our goals for this year was to create more diversity. I like the fact that was one thing that was important to him too. That did line up with what we envision. I like the fact that the club is diverse.”

With him already being the President of Beta Club, he also works to spread his motivation for improvements to all the clubs he is running for.

Francisco may not have a new idea but has other ideas on how to make improvements to what the clubs already do now.

“Francisco is very hard-working. He’s willing to do anything that he needs to do and then some. Personality wise, when I first met him he was shy. That might be the fact that when he moved to the school he was a new student at the beginning of the year,” current Beta Club president Jaylen Jones said, “but really he has come out of his shell. [He’s] very outgoing and has a good sense of humor, keeps everything positive and interesting.”

In every club he joins, he brings something with him. For Model UN, he provides research, recruits new members, and supports others in the club according to Model UN advisor Karen McMillan.

“He is outspoken, friendly, motivated, and a leader,” McMillan said. “Plus he is very polite, has a good sense of humor and is always so nice.”

All the clubs he is running in are looking for similar characteristics.

“We need someone who is very organized, good with time management, who has a passionate community, who can collaborate, and do things to help the community,” Payne said.

Francisco said he likes to be around the whole school and when he was a new student he thought it would be an easy way to meet new people. Now he wants to help other people in the school and community.

“I feel like being at three different high schools brings a different viewpoint than from someone that’s been here all their life,” Francisco said. “My favorite thing [about the different clubs] is that they’re all different and I get to meet new people and help others.”

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