Story by Ta’Nya Davis, Photos provided by Kelly Payne

Beta Club leads a helping hand for the community by setting up for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD] organization last week. The members put up signs and put out drinks for everyone to spread awareness about drunk driving.

“[MADD] is mothers against drunk driving [which is] a nonprofit organization. Their purpose is to raise awareness about drunk driving and help families who were victims of drunk drivers or distracted drivers,” Beta Club advisor Kelly Payne said.

MADD is an event to prevent drunk driving, but it is also a remembrance of the people that lost their lives due to driving under the influence.

“MADD is basically is an event for mothers against drunk driving. It started off as an event to show people support for those who lost loved ones to accidents caused by a drunk driver,” senior Jaylen Jones said. “There is a walk, there is a part of the event where you remember everyone who was lost.”

The members help in various ways to help make the parade run by smoothly and make sure everyone is aware of what they are trying to accomplish.

“I helped walkers stay on the path and help set up by putting up the signs,” sophomore Nya Gerald said.

Freshman Nicholas Ciriello decided to participate in the parade because he likes to find other ways to help to community and more experience to meet more friends.

“We help them last year also this was a natural fit for us. Since Dutch Fork high school started Alive @ 25 and they both have to deal with safe driving,” Payne said.

For Jaylen his reasoning for participating for this cause was from a past experience involving his friend.

“It is important to raise awareness against drunk driving. I can tell you personally one of my friends was involved in an accident cause by a DUI [driving under the influence]. And it can be really fatal like you are driving something an vehicle and you want to do so responsibly and not under the influence it’s bad,” Jaylen said. “Mothers against drunk driving the only walk is it’s not just in South Carolina it is across the entire nation it is very important.”

Even though Jaylen, the current president of Beta Club, did not attend the event, junior Francisco Sierra-Vazquez was there. Francisco is next year Beta Club President and he use this opportunity to learn about leadership role.

“It help me learn how to control everything to my way. Like help me work with other club members because I didn’t know any of the ones that went so that was great,” Francisco said. “Because I learn how to take the lead and learn how to tell everyone what to do but it was great it work out really well.”

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