Story by Michelle Lane and Alexandria Sessions, Photos by Michelle Lane

Students across the campus prepare to vote for the biggest and most important people of Dutch Fork High: Our representatives for the 2018-19 school year. With many students making ‘memeingful’ posters and others selling the ‘dum-dum’ approve its a mans game, the election is important for different reasons.

“Student council plans most of the events that DFHS has to offer and it lets the students participate in school.” Sophomore Megan Barkley said

Student Council is a group of students elected by their peers that gives the student body an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.  In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body.  They help share student ideas, interests, and concerns with the school-wide community; which is important to the structure of the school.

“We honestly do a lot to plan stuff for dutch fork high school, we try to take into account opinions of people.” junior Lauren Riehn said, “we try to take it into account, we should give a voice to dutch fork high school”

While students know who they are voting for, they also have what they want from their representative and what they hope can be accomplished next year with taking the suggestions from fellow classmates. Barkley and Riehn want an increase in the activities that are held by stuco.


“I hope there will be more activities outside of school. More spirit weeks, things that the students will be able to get involved with and participate in,” freshman Hallie Ivester said.

This year we have great candidates for each grade and spot with many positions to fill.

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Class Representative.

Seniors who participated in the election throughout their high school years prepare for the real thing but before leaving they speak on what they hope will be accomplished.

“I hope that Dutch fork will be able to accomplish….well.. We’ll be able to get more things done, as in scholarship wise like giving scholarship [information],” senior Javian Simpson said. “I think that’s one thing student council can really focus on, and making sure upcoming seniors has the tools for graduating.”

If any student is thinking about joining student council, well what exactly are you getting into? Laurie Humphrey, student council’s advisor, provides those answers.

“Everything. The student government serves on school improvement council, there in on administrative staff meetings,” Humphrey said. “We decide how many pep rallies there are. We decide whether there is a homecoming dance. We decide whether there is a powderpuff. I can go on and on and on.”

Anyone and everyone can run for an office, but it is recommended that students interested, come with a purpose.

IMG_9080 (1)

“Don’t run for office to put it on your resume, it’s a lot of work and it’s hard to earn a good grade in the class,” Humphrey said.

Otherwise, feel free to run in the upcoming election years because it has an impact on a student’s high school experience.

“It’s the voice of the students to the administration,”

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