Story by Grace Whisman, Photo by Alexandria Sessions

The most exciting night of the year: Prom. A couple of hours of window shopping for the perfect dress and tailored suits define the elegant night that brings memory.Whether it be good or bad, every high school story ends with prom, with it being one of the biggest nights of students’ lives. Prom gives every student a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime, whether someone is looking to enjoy prom with a group of friends or is hoping for a special night with a significant other.

“[I plan on] going with my special someone “ junior Tyler Ellok said.

With the long lines, crowded dressing rooms and expensive price tags, prom shopping isn’t a cake walk. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit it can be difficult and expensive. Senior Myah Hancock commented that a decent price for a dress ranges  from $150 to $230 depending on the type of dress.

You can skip the long lines and millions of people at the mall and shop at a local store. Some even go thrifting for the perfect outfit for the remarkable night. Some students even say you can shop online which can be cheaper and more efficient.

“I got my clothes off of amazon and they fit well” senior Kyle Eddington said. .

The way students dress is a way for students to express themselves and characterize who they are as a person. There are many alternatives to the normal dress attire, switch it up and wear jeans. If you don’t want to wear heels, wear converse or flats. Pant Suits could be the new dress. The possibilities are endless.

“If they don’t feel comfortable in dresses, and want to go in suits I think that’s their option” Lily said, “They should do what they feel like. It’s part of being yourself.”

Junior and senior girls express different opinions about what to wear at a formal occasion. Even though it’s a formal event, girls aren’t required to wear a dress, but can choose to wear something a little more comfortable.

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