Story by Anjali McDaniel, Photo by Laura Santos

The hallways are filled with colorful posters, candy and pins are being handed out by students who are trying to win the votes of their peers, and speeches and campaign committees are all throughout the school. It’s student council election week and the votes are in for the new school leaders.

“[I think student council is important] because we go to school here and we have a right to know what is going on to make the school better,” freshman Jada Parron said.

Student council is a club and class run by student council advisor Laurie Humphrey. Students are there to make decisions on events, plan pep rallies, and give other students the chance to be heard by the school.

“[I decided to become the adviser for student council because] I play better with students than I do with teachers, and so I really like helping students,” Humphrey said.

To get involved in the program, students have to be elected by their classmates to be on student council and it’s up to the student running to be involved in getting their voice heard during student council election week.

“I don’t prepare the students for [election week],” Humphrey said. “It is up to the club and elections chairmen to organize all of the elections. It’s an elective position and that’s their job and the only thing I really need to do with it is making sure the ballot gets done, and Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Aplin help me with that and then I make sure that they put up their posters Wednesday before the beginning of the election week, which this year was the 11th and then I make sure that all of their posters are down on the 18th.”

Junior Francisco Sierra-Vazquez is an active member in the school. This year, he ran for Senior Class Vice President and won. He is also involved in many other school clubs, including being next year’s President for Beta Club.

“[I ran for] Senior Class Vice President. I’ve always been in student council, just I was new this year so I couldn’t, but I am staying here this year [so] I can now,” Francisco said.

For seniors in the class, their last meeting is quickly approaching.

“[I feel] very sentimental,” senior Emily O’Shields said, “It is going to be very hard to leave the underclassmen I made friends with this year [in student council].”

The new elects have plans for the next school year that they’re ready to share.
“[I plan on] spreading the word more on spirit weeks and getting people more involved in the school,” newly elected Public Relations sophomore Daylee Abrams said.

Being on student council comes with responsibility. The students are representing the school and sharing their ideas on how to improve the school to make it a better place for students and teachers to learn and teach.

“[One piece of advice that I would give to the new elects],” Emily said, “is to just never be afraid to speak up about the ideas you have.”

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