Written by Jada Metze,

With the school year coming to an end and only two more late starts left, there will be no more extra hours of sleep, relaxation, and Chick-fil-a will no longer have that buzzing, morning crowd that they are used to on Wednesday mornings. All of the students will now be required to be in class instead.

“The late starts are coming to an end [for this school year] to allow necessary time for final exams, for testing, for assessments. We got AP exams coming up. We got final exams coming up, so to meet the needs of every teacher so that we can have a consistent schedule, as a district wide initiative, we don’t have anymore late start days.”  

Final exams, the ending of late starts, and all of the standardized tests coming up are a sign that the end of the school year is approaching.

“It’s a good thing that the year is coming to a close, however I wish there were more late Wednesdays left,” sophomore Sunnie Seay said.

The majority of students are not happy that there are only two late starts left.

“I am a bit worried, because I look forward to it every week and I’m going to be sad now that [late Wednesdays are] about to be over,” junior Rosa Naranjo said.

With the late starts ending, students may be affected in various ways by not having the late starts.

“It will probably mean I’ll lose that extra hour of sleep,” senior Connor Willoughby said, “and with exams coming up, losing that extra hour of sleep will be rough; but it’s just another thing.”

Students get to come an hour late on delayed starts, but teachers still have to come at their regular time.

“It [not having late starts] won’t affect me because we have meetings then, so I get here regular time,” Spanish teacher Janina Mattei said.

With exams right around the corner, students have to come to school at regular time everyday to fit the AP, End-of-Course, and final exam schedule.

“I don’t think it’ll affect me a lot because exams are coming up and the late starts will stop anyways, but I will miss sleeping in,” freshman Riley Rogers said.

Losing the extra hour of sleep and cutting out free time on Wednesday mornings may be a challenge for students, but it just takes time and adjustment to get used to the new schedule.

“They [students] will probably get less sleep,” Mattei said, “so they will be more tired until they get used to it, so students need to adjust their schedules.”

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