Story by Ta’Nya Davis, Photos provided by Jerry Clem

For people that like engaging in extracurricular learning especially in the history category, Academic World Quest is the place where you can learn about world affairs.

“It’s an academic competition team, that we study a lot of social studies topics, we do like current events. We have topics on certain countries like in European Union,” senior Laura Shulter said. “It’s kinda like on a wide ray. It’s kinda like a scientist team but with geography,”

With the members working head-on with one another they have managed to win local competitions to get into the nationals to represent our school.

“There are ten rounds of ten questions [in local competitions] and you have a minute for each one and they are about the topics that we knew ahead of time, but we didn’t know the questions and whoever has the most right wins,” junior Madelyn Mooseburger said.

The team works together as a team to put their wits together in hopes to figure out the correct answers to win a trip to go to nationals to travel to Washington D.C.

“Really excited because, well for me I never been to Washington [D.C.]…we earn it, it [is] not just a normal trip it is something we achieved,” junior Lorena Eguiluz-Rodriguez said.

Academic World Quest advisor Jerry Clem ran this club at Lower Richland High School and when they started the competition he knew it would be ideal for Dutch Fork students.

“Some friends told me about it and it sounded fun and I love learning about world interactions,” Madelyn said.

According to senior Graceson Galloway, their reason for joining because they have taken a lot of history beforehand and really enjoyed it.

“I guess we look for people who are dedicated to learning about history because it’s not about stuff you learn in school. It’s more about what you learn outside of school like you have to study new topics you never heard before,”  Laura said. “I had to learn about Saudi Arabia and about cyborg security through this and you don’t normally learn this at school so you have to be willing to make that extra step to learn more material than what you just learn in a classroom and you have to make sure the people are diligent and that they are willing to study.”

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