Story and Photos by Alexandria Sessions

Hard work to any dancer is being able to stick that landing, stay on beat, and mirror the emotions of a song into the choreography, and this is exactly what the Dutch Fork dance department accomplished on Thursday and Friday night.

As makeup palettes and dance shoes scatter across the floor, dancers get ready for their concert by rehearsing choreography or even a motivational technique to boost their confidence. However, this isn’t just a dance concert for some it is more than that and the dancers in performing arts want to get that message across.

“[The purpose of the dance concert is] to show what they have been working on during the year and to show people that dance isn’t a waste of time,” junior Erinn James said.


The dance concert acts as a showcase for dancers who either want to take the next step into their careers or who just enjoy the feeling on stage.

“[Dance] is a form of art that can express many emotions and many ideas and for some people, it is their dream and their career,” freshman London Bockus said.


Dancing could also be therapeutic to the students who take the course. They claim that it is a ‘stress reliever’ after a long day at school or just another way of expressing yourself, and that is very important for students in high school.

“[Dance is] a place to feel free without judgment,” sophomore Brien Glenn said, “Express their own emotions and a way to get all their feelings out in one’s movement and helps me cope and feel free.”


The dance concert isn’t only for showcase but it is also for a grade.

“It is a big grade – pretty much half of it – and it’s just a great experience for us to have and learn as well,” London said.

But for Dazzler’s Coach Ginny Haynes, her seniors that will go on with the memory of dance think of it as not only a huge grade but a lasting impact. With an emotional choreographed dance that depicts the seniors walking across the stage with their robes; and all of them having their own solo, it really puts an emphasis on it being their last dance concert at Dutch Fork.


For Haynes, it is also her last dance concert, but not her last opportunity. From former dance teacher to Administrator of Special Education.

Overall, the dance concert did not fail in the talent department and the audience seemed to enjoy it by the cheers and constant praise that came after the concert. Dance will always be a way for the dancers to express themselves and to tell a great a great story, which has a lasting impact.

“[Dance] has helped me become more open to who I am and be okay with looking weird in front of people,” senior Kyle said.

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