Story by Grace Whisman, Photo by Destiny White

Helpful, kind heart, gentle, and fun to be around are all the character traits of Dutch Fork High School guidance counselor Mrs. Ruth Glowacki has.

Although she has only been here for almost two years now Mrs. Glowacki has made an impact on the students. “She’s really willing to help you with like studying, and help you with SAT things and practice.” Sophomore Chloe Walker said.

Not only does she have a good impact on students she also has an impact on faulty members. “She’s a lot of fun to be around, she has a fun personality, and she’s very caring.” Secretary Gina Geib said.

The Dutch Fork High School guidance counselor explains her reasoning on why she loves to council the students. “I like working with high school students because their beginning their adult journey and it’s exciting to watch them grow up.” Glowacki said.

According to freshman Franklin Winn, not only does she enjoy the company of students and friends she also has this fascination on snails. “She likes snails, which I find very interesting.” Franklin said.

As if snails weren’t enough to love, she loves her kids as well. “She loves snails, she loves to act, she also loves her three beautiful children that live with her.” Geib said.

Even though she loves to act Mrs.Glowacki couldn’t be happier about her job here at Dutch Fork High.

“I love high school students,” Glowacki said.” “Dutch fork has a great faulty love my department here very supportive administration.”

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