Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Ta’nya Davis

Carolina Exceptional Student Alliance (CESA)donated money to the self-contained special education classroom. With the 1,200 dollar donation, the classroom uses it to buy equipment and services.

“CESA has an account and so much money goes to different classrooms and schools with disabled students specifically self-contained right now,” said special education assistant teacher Monica Brumagin. “Each teacher is given money they can use and when the teachers need something they submit what they need to the treasury of CESA. Then the treasurer can order it and pay for it or if the teacher wants to pay for it they can give the receipt they can be reimbursed.”
CESA is an organization that supports and raises money for the special needs children of District five.
“[The money] helps the students physically and just make their life easier for them,” said special education assistant teacher Rod Ledbetter. “Because we buy things for our classroom that we use things for our students to help them.”
The self-contained special education classroom receive the money from CESA.
“Because severely disabled students need extra equipment for adaptation. Like we needed a certain sling for one of our students for hoyer we use some money for that. We also use the money for field trips, everything cost money so we use the money from CESA,” Brumagin said. “[We] bought a swing for another stimuli for our students who are severely disabled who are in wheelchairs all the time gives them another position and sensation. So it’s equipment needed in the classroom that’s more than normally here by the by the school.”
The equipment that has been self-contained special education with CESA’s money, has gone to good use as they buy equipment for their students
According to special education teacher, Debbie English, it is equipment that will be able to really enhances their lives. In the past, they have bought different things.
“We bought washer and dryer earlier with CESA money,” Ledbetter said. “Also we brought sensory items like the swing. We buy items to help students.”
CESA gets the money from sponsors, who sponsor the Be A Fan 5K fun run and then CESA donate money to the schools in District five.

“I would like for all of this district to know about CESA to know what we are there for and like them to participate because you know it a community type thing. You think of all the schools we’re family and we would like all of them to participate to know that we care about our students and all the extra needs that our students may need,” President of CESA Essie Ford said. “You know whether if it’s transportation or equipment whether any type of thing they need for their classroom for their school anything to help improve their personal life here or their daily living.”

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