Story by Laura Santos, Photo provided by Kelly Payne

Four big brown boxes in front of columns in the commons. The boxes are Beta Club book bag donations now through the end of the school year.  

“We put little boxes around the school and anyone can put in backpacks they are not using or not using and we give them to resurrections nonprofit who work for Saint Mary’s that works downtown,” freshman Nicholas Ciriello said.

Beta Club works with St. Mary’s Episcopal Church to help the homeless.

“It is with an organization called resurrections with St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, basically the purpose of this is to feed the hungry, give them clothes, hygiene products, and anything else they need,” Beta Club advisor Kelly Payne said.

Beta Club is always helping others, they helped the homeless before in previous years to ensure they have everything they could possibly need.

“We are hoping to accomplish a lot and people want to help and give back but you don’t need to always buy new things you can help with little things like a bookbag and helping get basic things,” senior Trinity Davis said.

Helping in little ways is just what they’re doing by asking around campus for our used book bags for those in need.

“We can get enough bookbags for enough people, not for everyone, but for most so they can carry their belongings and the little possessions that they have,” junior Francisco Sierra-Vazquez said.

The goal for Beta Club is to help homeless people in our community.

“For this we’re hoping to give the homeless more security and give them the book bags to carry their things because it’s easier to carry their things and to keep it on them,” Payne said. “The ultimate goal is to get them homes but that’s not possible right now so the bookbags will be like their homes, anything that we can do to help them move closer towards creating a home is what our hope is.”

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