Story by Alexandria Session and Grace Whisman

“Well it’s not like we are going to tons of art museums like our last trip, but we are going to be seeing a lot of historical sites which is a lot about what we talk about in art history, art architecture, and how its changed over the centuries. We are also going to be viewing a glass blowing demo in Vienna,” Chason said.

A trip to Europe gives the students a chance to create new memories. This trip gives students of the art department at Dutch Fork High School a chance to share their excitement.


“I’m looking forward to getting to know my friends better. Creating a deeper bond of friendship that we can share lifelong,” junior Charles Holmes said.

Students know the importance of the trip and agree that Dutch Fork should do trips like this more often.

“[Trips] help students gain a better understanding of the world outside the U.S. and grow in experiences and learn about new cultures,” junior Madelyn Mooseburger said.

Not only do the trips provide a different outlook on art, but also outside information for everyday life.


“They also help us grow as individuals and perceive new and different cultures and appreciate the word we all live in. It allows us to see things differently than how they are portrayed on the news and television,” Charles said.

For students going on this trip, it would not be possible without the help from teachers and students encouraging them to go out of their comfort zone.

“Going somewhere you have no idea about may be scary, interesting or exciting to some people,” junior Caden Cronan said, but it’s important to “always try to do new things. “Never let an opportunity get away because it was something new or you don’t understand.”


The art students say they are glad for the opportunity to travel with each other.

“Personally it’s kinda hard to get out and about when you are only 18. It’s nice to be with people you will know,” senior Mac Pinnington said.

On top of  traveling together, the art students will get to work alongside each other to grow as artists. They will also learn new skills  they can utilize in real life, not just in the art rooms.

“Perspective, perspective, perspective,” Chason said. “[This trip] will give them a whole new range of colors to see because they are going to be outside of their normal day-to-day. They’re going to be faced with strategic mapping where they need to be; they’re going to be practicing responsibility [by] being [in] places on time. They’re going to have to be team builders and work together. They are going to have to listen  and be listeners and navigate and explore, and that is a lot of learning right there. So they are just going to be better people in general when they get back.”

For the Dutch Fork art department, it is worth all the preparation. In the end, the students should hopefully gain not just new techniques, but lasting memories.


“I hope,” Tese said, “That they gain a huge repertoire of memories, experiences that they will cherish with them forever.”

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