Story by Anjali McDaniel

Her kindness, spirit, warmth, friendliness, love of education and the heart of a good teacher is what won social studies teacher Alexandria Hendrick the title of District Teacher of the Year.

“My first reaction was complete shock,” Hendrick said. “I was very surprised, but I am thankful, grateful, and humbled because there are just so many good teachers in this district and it’s quite a privilege to represent them.”

Hendrick was one of the top three contestants for this title earlier in the year and her students were certain that she would gain this victory all along.

“She deserves it. She’s put a lot of hard work in and she dedicates her time to make sure her students are successful,” senior Braiden Groller said.

It has been a while since a teacher from Dutch Fork has won this prestigious honor and Hendrick is the first winner of this award since 1996 when Ellen Peters won.

“That’s a shock. I am very surprised to hear that,” Hendrick said. “Dutch Fork has always had such high standards of excellence and everyone knows what great teachers are here and so again I’m just so excited.”

Sophomore Ebony Chapman said she is excited to have a teacher representing her school in a positive way and that Hendrick deserves this title because of the hard work she puts in everyday for the school and for her students.

“Hendrick winning Teacher of the Year means she’s accomplished a lot as a teacher and she’s doing a great job,” Ebony said.

Winning Teacher of the Year means Hendrick will now have the honor of giving a  Pep-talk at the Back-to-School meeting in August with all of teachers in District Five .

“I’m not gonna think about [making the speech] right now,” Hendrick said. “I’m just gonna enjoy this for this moment and something will come to me.”

Junior Lizzy Sturkie and Saniya Myers said they want to congratulate Hendrick for her award and let her know that she deserves the title.

Hendrick is now in the running for State Teacher of the Year. Her accomplishments are already exceptional and she has done a great job in representing our school, but there is always room for new challenges to take on.

“Oh man. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. I am excited to have the opportunity to represent District Five  at the state level and that is a long road, so I’m not gonna picture myself at the end of that road,” Hendrick said. “It’s certainly the biggest thing that could happen to  me in my career, so I’m gonna do the best I can and, well, whatever happens happens. I’m just proud to have gotten where I’ve gotten.”

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