Story by Malaysia Golson 

Advanced Placement testing days are more than just days to miss classes for the AP students at Dutch Fork. They’re days the students spend all year preparing for, and many of them already have a good method system set up to keep up with the classes. When asked her method, senior Megan Jones said, “By putting in long hours”. When having the opportunity to take college classes in high school, many doors have already been opened for them. Some may think with such high level classes, they’d be difficult to keep track of, but junior Christina Boykin says, “I think the class is fairly average in terms of difficulty but the workload is very intense.” Regardless of the workload, the students understand that they have to work hard to keep their grades high. Not only are they aware of the amount of work ethic needed, they also keep in mind what the classes do for them.  “They benefit me because they give me college credit,” sophomore Daylee Abrams said, “so I won’t have to take those classes in college and the classes also raise my GPA by a lot if I keep a good grade in the class”.


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