Story by Gracie Hine and Morgan Wilkinson

As spring sports come to an end, Dutch Fork football comes back into play. With the weather warming up, the boys dedication, drive, and hope for another state ring are helping them have positive attitudes during these straining practices. Although the extra practices in the heat are straining, the players realize the benefits of them in the long run.  

“We don’t like it but we know we have to do it, so we can be extra prepared for the season. Practicing in the heat is really hard,” junior Jalen Mcduffie said.

With the guidance of their coaches, the football team works long and hard hours in the scorching heat to achieve their goals for the upcoming season. The coaches are working just as hard as the players to have another successful season.

“I play safety and outside linebacker,” sophomore Anthony DeMasi said. “Coach Pelham and Coach Dino are helping me prepare and we are trying to start off strong this season.”

After spring practices are over, summer practices begin, then come fall practices and games. Only a week into training for the 2018 football season, players are already seeing progress.

“We’ve been putting in a lot of hard work, I feel like we are better than last year and more experienced,” sophomore Graeson Underwood said.

The boys are expecting an exciting and successful upcoming year. Through the years the team has bonded through many victories and games making practicing together a little more fun.

“I think our team will be straight this year. Our team is very close and we all have a good attitude towards each other and towards the coaches. If we stay on this path we could definitely go to the championship again,” Anthony said.

The team is nothing but positive. With two state championships in a row they are working hard to follow up with another one this year.

“We have a lot of drive this year,” Graeson said. “I think we are going to win another one”

With the school year ending and summer approaching, Anthony talks about how he is excited for the upcoming season and is expecting to follow up last year’s state championship win through the long and hot practices over the summer.

Although the boys are looking forward to next year and what it has to bring to the football team, they are upset about the graduating seniors that will be leaving the team.

“The seniors are definitely going to be missed,” Graeson said. “They bring a lot of talent to the team and we all have a lot of friendships so it’s going to be hard losing talent like them.”

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