Story by Anjali McDaniel

With students missing school for various reasons, ALEC has been there to provide a workplace for students to finish their make up assignments during an appropriate time that is beneficial for them and teachers. Now, ALEC is closed and students must plan with their teachers to find an alternative to finish their work.

“For students who need to make up work, now that ALEC is closed, I and other teachers will have to coordinate a time that is good for them, either before school, during lunch, or after school to help them make up the work they missed,” English teacher Jay Gilliam said.

Students used ALEC as a valuable resource when needing to complete work that they missed from the days that they were absent. They were allowed to go during lunch, Fox Focus, after school, or during any free period that worked for them.

“ALEC was important because it gives students a place to go after school or during their free time to go make up some work that you have missed,” junior Caroline Jones said.

ALEC closing has definitely worried and caused stress for students on how they will be able to complete missing assignments.

“I think it’s stupid,” freshman Carson Paulk said, “because no one has a place to make up work and people are still going to miss class, especially with all these trips and exams that put more stress on students.”

Since ALEC is gone, students have come up with alternative plans for the school and how they should handle students missing work now.

“Two options could be that more teachers provide after school service, so students have time to make up tests and any missed work there or they just reopen ALEC because those are really the only two options,” sophomore Patrick Nagle said.

Senior Danielle Alston agrees that teachers will be the main source of helping students now that ALEC is gone and students should get with them to create a plan to finish make up work.

“[A good solution for ALEC closing is] teachers having more after school time to have students make up work,” Danielle said.

This transition during the school year will be a challenge for students and staff to deal with, because of the exams and EOC’s, but there are ways that students will be able to finish make up work when they are absent. Coordinate with teachers on what to do in this situation and the school will find a solution to this problem.

“I hope this absence won’t be permanent,” Gilliam said, “I hope next year, if possible, we can still have an ALEC center because it is a very valuable resource for our teachers and students to be able to stay on top of their work and not get too far behind.”

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