Story by Alexandria Sessions

The student section at Dutch Fork are well known for their elaborate flour throws and chants that get the crowd hyped for the game.

“The best thing about sitting in the student section is knowing that all of our friends are around us and that we can all cheer on our team together.” Sophomore Eden Jelinek said

For seniors, being in the front of the student section says a lot.

“To be at the front is basically a public announcement saying ‘hey, I didn’t drop out! It’s my senior year.’” Senior Jala Robertson said.

Although the Student section has fun together it’s important that the student section comes together after the scare at the Irmo versus Dutch Fork game.

“The new rules aren’t  an issue considering hey don’t effect me or anyone doing the right thing. There’s no reason to bring weapons to a friday night game, so the extra security  is there to make sure your weekend goes smoothly- it’s fair,” Jala said “As for 8th grade and under, needing a guardian to enter, it’s a reasonable rule. These kids are about 12 to 14 years old and while having freedom is nice, it doesn’t hurt to make sure they aren’t abusing it due to immaturity.”  

The student section is for students to enjoy the game and cheer on the team.

“The student section is a place for student to have fun, socialize, and cheer on their classmates.” Eden said.

While everyone is having fun in the student section and congrating we should also be safe and acknowledge the security measure that are being taken place. However, the students should still attend games and show that fox pride never dies.

“ I think it [coming together] is important because we want people to know that just because of the incident on friday happened doesn’t mean that we don’t have Dutch fork pride  and there will be more security so things like that don’t happen.” Eden Said

As a freshman being at your first football game with themes and excitement could be fun and a fresh start to freshman year but with the new rules being implemented, students worry the games will be less entertaining.

“It’s fun… to watch the team that you hope to be on in the future.” Freshman Nicholas Sowell said. “It [the new safety rules] sucks but its for everyone’s safety and makes sure no one gets hurt. It’s just to make the community safer.

In light of the game incident Mya Scott, a member of the Pep club, wants students to still attend the football games because they affect the Dutch Fork players.

“The student section is beneficial to having students engage and get excited  about school sports, Junior Mya Scott said, “It’s also a good confidence booster and ecouragment for the teams playing.”

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