Story by Marissa Cleveland

It would be expected for the population to take precautionary measures in making sure everything is going to be as normal as possible, even after a natural disaster hits the area. Most of the students and the staff did just as such.

Me and my family went to multiple stores looking for batteries ,first aid kits,  flashlights and also water” Junior, Rashad Metze said.

Freshman Aniya Sims’ family also scounged the grocery store for supplies in case of serious effects from the hurricane.

“We went to the grocery store and we bought a bunch of water, bread, and snacks” Aniya said.

Coach Steagall was also very well prepared for the hurricane.

“Bought plenty of water.. And got a generator. My mom made us clean up the house and we had candles out, and some foods” Segall said.

Although, one student did some thing different from the rest that were interviewed.

We didn’t have to rush around and try to get food and water, but we moved the furniture away from the windows so that there would be as little damage as possible,” Sophomore Teyaunna Lee said.

There were various ways that each person was affected by the hurricane after it passed.

“We saw minor flooding and a lot leaves and branches fell from the trees,” Rashad said.

Teyaunna expressed how her neighborhood was somewhat affected negatively, but not completely.

Yes and no, my side of the neighborhood is more on a hill so the water just runs downhill, so there wouldn’t  be too much damage. The other part of the neighborhood is close to the saluda river, so they would experience more water damage than we would” Teyaunna said.

On the other hand, others weren’t affected nearly at all.

“We just had a bunch of rain puddles,”Aniya said.

There were a combination of responses about whether or not it was necessary to take away the amount of school days the district did.

No, I do not think that we should have gotten out of school that early because nothing started happening until friday, and the school wasn’t used as a shelter so it was not necessary to be out of school for the whole week” Teyaunna said.

Steagall has agreeing points in relation to Teyaunna’s point of view.

“No, we should have gotten out on a wednesday, I understand the state urgency but we could have done well just probably getting out wednesday,” he said.

In contrary, Aniya feels that it was the right decision to be out of school at an early time.

“So they could use the buses for transportation for the people who needed it” she said.

Rashad also feels that preparation with vigilance is key at a time like a natural disaster.

Yes, because it takes a lot of time to prepare for a storm that strong” he said.


Even though some were in favor of being out of school for the storm, none of the interviewees had to move away from their homes.

“No we did not have to relocate,” Teyaunna said.

Not only did the break from school influence people’s feelings, but it also affected Steagall and his duties as a athletic coach and teacher at Dutch Fork.

“It just kind of pushes everything back for me, just kind of have to take away some activities here and there. I just have to pace myself a little” he said.

Despite the minor setback, Steagall is still thankful for the safety that remains in the area.

“I’m just glad we didn’t get hit as bad as we could’ve gotten hit” he said.

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