Story by Max Franks

Almost thirty or forty students crowd the hallway, pushing forward at a snail’s pace, you are boxed in on all sides, and then as you try to find a place to sit a freshman comes screaming by. This is what some students face just on the way to lunch and during their fox focus time.

The two lunch schedule is a nice change, and probably works in theory, but the several weeks that it has been implemented have shown a multitude of problems. These include the throngs of teens cluttering the halls, the behavior of certain underclassmen, and general confusion about where to go and what to do.

Now entering and exiting the commons before or after lunch has become a hazard in itself, as hordes of students all enter at the same time. The wall of teenagers pushes through lines, over and past tables, and clogging lunch lines. This could be better organized with taped/reserved areas for lines and crowds.

While the 35 minutes of fox focus time is appreciated, and gives time to complete assignments, it may be taken away because of the behavior of freshman. Now not all freshmen contribute to the problem, but a majority of the students abusing this time are freshmen. So, if this continues to be a problem, perhaps the freshman should be sent to their homeroom during their fox focus time and if they need to go to tutoring the can sign out of their homeroom.

There is mass confusion among the student body when it comes to what to do and where to go during fox focus time, and this might be one of the factors that leads to the freshmen acting up. This will probably be rectified as the year goes on, but more if the information were plastered on the walls, like the 3 R’s, it would help out confused students.

Overall, the new lunch schedule has the potential to be great for the student body, with time to eat and socialize, and get makeup work done for your classes; however, it is far from perfect. If these problems are addressed, the schedule could be AMAZING. Until then, they’re little more than organized chaos.

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