Story by Marissa Cleveland

In the new school year of 2018-2019, Dutch Fork High School has implemented a new schedule for all students that affects all attendants of the school who work on the bell schedule.  Faculty, and students of all grades all have their own perspectives and opinions on how well this new addition works.

“I don’t care for it, it’s too crowded and I can’t ever find a spot, “ Sophomore, Jessica Etheridge says.

Even though Jessica isn’t in strong favor of the new lunch schedule, she finds one thing she appreciates about it most.

“lunch is longer, I like that they added an extra 10 minutes,” she said.
Another student has similar opinions about the new lunch schedule and how it affects them.

“Not enough space and if you get there late not enough food and the lines are way to long,” Junior, Jaylen Metze said.

Jaylen also expresses his positive outlook on extended lunch time.

“It’s a good thing because  it gives kids more time to eat and it also gives us more time to relax instead of rushing to get back to class,” Jaylen said.

More students find it difficult to find a place to sit at lunch because of all the chaos this new lunch schedule entails.

“There’s a lot of people from each grade, and they don’t have enough seats in the cafeteria” Senior, Ta’nya Davis said.

With the amount of excess time the new lunch schedule provides, there is more opportunities to eat with your friends everyday.

“Now I have time to finish all of my food,” Jessica said.

With the new lunch schedule there are lots of adjustments that students are going to have to make to get accustomed to the way the day is ran, but school counselor Mrs. Brown, feels all the students and staff affected by the new lunch schedule should give it a go.

“Right now I don’t see any negatives yet, we need to go through the process and give it a chance,” Mrs. Brown said.

Mrs. Brown even finds alternate reasons as to why the new lunch schedule could be an amazing change for the students.

“It’s good you have the time to meet up with teachers and get that extra help,” she said.

Even though there are various opinions about the new lunch schedule, many the same, a couple divergent from the others, it’s a choice of the people who operate on this schedule to either make the best of it or find the worst.

“I feel like if students use their time wisely it would make a great impact,” Mrs. Brown said.

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