Story by Marissa Cleveland

At the recent Dutch Fork High school home football game on August 31st of 2018, there was a shocking gun scare placed upon all the attendants of that game. Students who specifically went to the game share their feelings in the moment, and after thoughts of the reason behind the situation. Such as Freshman DeNaya Henderson, who reacted in a expected way.

“I ran, and my momma called me. I ended up rolling down the hill,” DeNaya  said.

WIth all of the hype about the  Dutch Fork vs. Irmo “rivalry game” there was a significant amount of tension between the two teams that junior Madison Vanbrocklin saw as a potential fuel to the fire .

“Fighting and possibly the rivalry of the schools,” Madison said.

Most at the stadium were just in their bubble doing the same thing they always do when they go to a game before the chaos started.

“I was just talking to my friends,” Sophomore, Jaylen Hollis said.

Then the dynamic of the grame drastically switched from normal to crazy within minutes.

“It was loud, and chaotic,” DeNaya said.

One mystery about the situation is what could have actually been going on during the moment. Madison has an idea what that may be.

“People where fighting and it escalated. Someone decided to be unintelligent and scream the word gun,” Madison said.

With concern in the students and parents minds, the administration is taking extra precautionary measures to insure future football games have a diminutive chance of problems.

“I think their doing the best they can. There looking at it trying to address the issues, and prevent future bruises.” AP History teacher Amy Fultz said.

Although, when you have a vast amount of people in a specific amount of space anything could potentially cause a chain reaction.

“Everyone started running, and I was scared so I ran too. Madison said

There are different propositions regarding why the whole conflict happened.

“Because of people and rumors.” DeNaya said.

Fultz thinks scrutinizing the situation is the best way to handle it.

“Analyze the situation, and figure out the best way to protect our community,” Fultz said.

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