Story by Christian Banks and Photo from @jackthepayne

Flips, kicks, handstands, and tumbling are all component to an up and coming sport called tricking. At the forefront of this aspiring sport is twenty one year old Dutch Fork graduate, Jack Payne.

“My definition of tricking is expression through body movement whether that’s handstands, stretching, flipping, tricking, anything that isn’t really using objects, but just using your body movements,” Jack said.

Jack is not only a professional athlete, but he has used his skill to become an entrepreneur. He created a company where he teaches others the skills he has fostered and grown all his life.

“I’m extremely proud of Jack. He has a great work ethic and has a passion for teaching children, especially gymnastics,” Jack’s mother Kelly Payne said.

Jack uses social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube as a creative outlet where he can show his talents and influence people in different ways.

“My social media career is mainly just Instagram right now. We also started filming a YouTube series with the same photographer that Jake Paul used,” Jack said, “I wake up and my goal is to influence and make creative videos that inspire people.”

Jack’s career has offered amazing opportunities such as sponsorship with a company called, Gravitated Equations, and also Under Armour. He has also gotten the chance to meet well known  public figures such as Post Malone, Lindsey Vaughn, Shawn Johnson.

Before Jack became this well known businessman and professional athlete, he lived in Irmo, SC where he got his start as a gymnast. He start taking lessons when he was young at the local ACX Gym.

“I got started in Irmo and my neighbor who went to Irmo High School was babysitting me and she got bored, so she actually taught me to do a back handspring since she was a cheerleader,” Jack said, “I did a back handspring and landed on my head and she [Ms. Payne] said, ‘Oh no. We’ll have to get you lessons’, so she took me up to ACX and I started taking lessons there.”

During his time at Dutch Fork, Jack developed a good relationship with his English teacher, Joe Landreneau.

“I still follow him on Instagram and I love seeing all of the videos he posts. I just saw one the other day where they were like flipping over some green Ferrari. It’s just really neat to see your students go on to achieve success. He’s been on America’s Got Talent and some other shows, so I just hope he takes all that and builds it and does want Dante says here, “Make the world better,” Landreneau said.

The main goal that Jack has in all of this fame is that he hopes to inspire people to break out of their comfort zone and live out their dreams.

“Yeah”, Jack said, “I would hope my career inspired people to go on a similar path that I have taken. I grew up when flipping was the minority of sports, but now it’s just becoming a lot more mainstream because of people like myself and some other big YouTubers that feature flipping on their channels and it’s just kind of growing the sport as a whole and that’s our goal.”

Jack has accomplished many thing in his career through his hard work, practice, and ambition. After everything he has done Jack has an inspiring message for the students of Dutch Fork.

“You guys at Dutch Fork,” said Jack, “hang in there and make a move once you get out.”  

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