Story by Alexandria Sessions

Dutch Fork’s marching band leaves the field in style after a great performance during half time, and students often leave the stands in search of food from Waffle House or sometimes Sonic. This trend of leaving after the second quarter has raised some eyebrows among some, the problem just might be food.

“I think everyone leaves the game by second quarter, either because they get bored or to go out to  have dinner.” Sophomore Leah Howard said.

It’s not because they are bored it’s just that Dutch Fork Football players are doing so well that the game doesn’t even feel like a game anymore. By the second quarter it starts to look like a blowout. For example, Spring Valley or Irmo.

“Most people leave the game after second quarter because of two reasons, one some people can predict the outcome of the game and don’t really want to spend the rest of the time there they tend to give up on the game itself rather than just enjoying the time being around the community.” Senior Ryan Cuzmar said “Second is because the best part of a football is the beginning of the game or the tailgating part. It gets everyone pumped up and gets them ready for the climax of the game especially the Student Section and then everyone is tired from that and most likely leaves the game to avoid traffic and go hangout with their people.”

This poses one question: if students are allowed to bring in their own food would they leave early, because  dinner seems to be the main reason why students are leaving so how do we keep them engaged? Bring the food to them.

“I think Chick-fil-A would be a good sponsor, because a lot of the students like to go to Chick-fil-A a lot especially on late Wednesday.” Leah said.

For example, The Dutch Fork Football program is sponsored by Bojangle’s if they were allowed to have them tailgate at the games students might not need  to leave especially if there were other options such as Chick fil a.

“I would stay even if the prices are really high.” Freshman Brandon Mcdonald said “Even if the food is not something that I prefer.”

If Dutch Fork incorporated a  wide variety of tailgaters I think it would excite the students and the spectators at the game.

I think Chick-fil-A and Jersey Mike’s should sponsor us because everyone goes to Chick-fil-A and always enjoys their food,” Ryan said “Although not many people go to Jersey Mikes, it is a good sub place and can bring people together with happiness.”

Susan Williams, Coach Knott’s Secretary, mentions that bringing in other food options could take away from the football program and their way of making money.

“[Tailgating] takes away from the Booster clubs that help raise money for the athletes.” Susan said.

There’s no need to have tailgate by Bojangles who sponsor us because the concessions already sells a few of their goods.

“They also have a contract with Bojangles and concessions sells their product.  No food is allowed, so you would not be able to bring Bojangles food inside.”

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