Story by Marissa Cleveland

Metal detectors have recently been incorporated into Dutch Forks’ football games, students and staff weigh the contrasting effects of this new practice based on their opinions and first hand experience. Sophomore, Amarie Ruff thinks the devices use are necessary and overdue.

“To be honest, I really think they should have been using them because it’s a lot of kids at this school. So yes, I think there beneficial for the games and it will keep us safe” Amarie said.

Senior Hope Kwiatkowski feels metal detectors aid in keeping the risk of future terrifying events from occurring.

“Yes, because it improves safety, and helps prevent any tragic events from happening” Hope said.

History teacher Alli Hendrick thinks with new additions such as metal detectors, that the schools is off to a good start for subsequent safety.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction” Hendrick said.

Although it’s her first year attending Dutch Fork High, Maddie Mccoy also finds the devices beneficial.

“Yes, because they’ll probably keep us all a bit more safer than not having them” Maddie said.

Hendrick describes her first thought when being informed about the metal detectors use in future games.

“Honestly, considering what prompted it. The event that prompted it at Dutch Fork. It didn’t really surprise me, personally it doesn’t really bother me. It’s important to me that students and I are in a safe environment,” she said.

Amarie thinks that the vibe of the football games shifts with the metal detectors usage.

Yea, it will make people feel more safe” she said.

Maddie thinks that the devices make the games have more sense of control.

“It seems more serious” she said.

Junior Dorian Jacobs, thinks the vibe of the game could vary for some people depending on if they are doing the right thing.

“It could because, some people bring stuff they shouldn’t” Dorian said.

Most students would still bring their belongings despite being wanded with the detectors.

“I would still bring my stuff, like if it has things in it I need” Hope said.

Amarie recommends arriving at the football games earlier than before, due to the new lengthy process.

“Yes, because they have to search the people and that’s taking time. So come to the games thirty minutes early” she said.

Even with these devices, and the differences they make on the football games Hendrick doesn’t feel as though it will affect the turnout of Dutch Fork’s games.

“Not at Dutch Fork, we’re too good at football” she said.

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