Story  by Alexandria Sessions

Jackie Whitmore knows his Great Great Great Great Great grandparents and his family before that and he wants to know if you know that as well. On Friday, the 21st of September, Mr. Whitmore came to have a talk to Mrs. Payne 7B class about family artifacts and importance of finding out that information.

I enjoyed the information that was given to me that day because I was enlightened. The idea of his visit was for educational purposes; although, Mrs. Payne’s class has already researched all about him and after doing my own research on him I still learned more than what the articles had told me.


We need more speakers like him to come to Dutch Fork and discussed other sore topics, like Whitmore did. In his discussion he spoke of having Caucasian family members in his family and when he would tell somebody this they immediately looked at him a different way when he spoke on slavery. Which brings me to my next point of slavery, should states as a whole apologize for that? In an article that featured Whitmore, touched on a subject about how Charleston apologized for slavery, but the real questions is should Columbia?

I was to say the least intrigued by the bold question that was stated out right in this article, and it got me thinking, which Jackie Whitmore hoped for Mrs. Payne class, he wanted them to simply think about the subject. The story about Julia and her  told stories about the slaves and other African Americans through her eyes, that alone got her readers, back in those times to think.

So that is what I did.

I thought about it before reading his response if Columbia should apologize and I think yes. We should apologize and here’s why.IMG_1044

The house, explains the new marker, was built in 1849 by people who were enslaved by the McCord family at Lang Syne Plantation near Fort Motte, about 40 miles down the Congaree River. Among the enslaved builders were two noted carpenters, John Spann and Anderson Keitt Sr., both of whom are named on the marker.”

The article stated that Whitmore was one of the descendants who built this house and he’s apologized profusely for what his ancestors has done in that time. Even in Mrs. Payne’s class he’s apologized, so if he can do it Columbia can as well.


Although, some states has not come straight out and has said ‘I’m sorry’, there are colleges that offer scholarships to descendants of slaves, for example, Georgetown University. This further proves Jackie Whitmore’s point about knowing your family history and why it is important to research if you don’t.

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