Story by Marissa Cleveland

Quite often, states that are threatened by natural disasters require all of their districts to shut down schools for safety. Some students feel opposed about these days off, and vise versa there are those who think its a positive thing.

“Yes, because we don’t have to come to school, and we can just chill at home with our friends and not do school work. Awhile playing football we don’t have practice” Junior, Graham Newboult said.

Sophomore Robbie Crouch goes beyond the personal plus’ about missing school and thinks about what will follow the miss of unexpected school days.

“No, because we’ve got to make it up” Robbie said.

Another student has the same point of view as Robbie.

“No, because we have to make it up right after” Freshman, Jaleena Graham said.
In contrast to both perspectives, senior Stephanie Davis feels neutral about missing school.

“I honestly don’t care either way im still getting my work done” Stephanie said.

To Jaleena, the purpose of having school days exempt from the year’s schedule is for an important reason.

“For our safety” Jaleena said.

Stephanie thinks that days are taken away during times of scare because the school may even want to protect their reputations.

“So we can be safe because if anything happens, it’s all going to fall back on the school” she said.

Robbie suggests that there are too many days taken away when times, specifically the recent natural disaster scare Hurricane Florence.

“Yes, I think we should’ve been here for the majority of what we missed because nothing really happened” she said.

Also in reference to Hurricane Florence, Graham conveys something different from Robbie.

“No, I think with the last hurricane it was more precaution” he said.

Stephanie expresses a similar point of view as Graham.

“No, we are getting out in advance so families can have time to prepare” she said.

One major issue that is consistently discussed among students, staff, and administrators is the decrease in breaks throughout the year. Robbie would much rather give up some of her summer than her breaks throughout the year.

“At the end of the year, because the days we’ve been promised that we don’t have to come in, they should hold up to that” she said.

Jaleena also says the same thing.

“At the end of the year, because I need my holidays” she said.

Getting stay at home days last minute can affect a students’ success in their classes, one student says it puts them behind.

“If i’m planning on going to school the next day to take a test or something, it pushes everything back and I get behind” Robbie said.

In contrast, Graham says it can be helpful.

“It helps me because it gives me more time to do my homework,” he said.

Stephanie doesn’t have a positive or negative position to take on the matter.
“It does not affect me” she said.

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