Story Alexandria Sessions

Noticed anything different about the cafeteria? It’s not the new chairs, it’s most definitely not the television and new sound system. The vending machines are gone and so are the healthy and (sometimes) tasty snacks.

Initially, there was a rule claiming students are not allowed to go to vending machines during class time, they could potentially get written up if caught in the hallways using the machine. It’s not like they carried enjoyable snacks, but it got students through the day.

Occasionally if I had a minute or two of idling time I would stop near one in between transition from one block to another.

Hopefully the vending machines will be replaced with new and improved machines with better goodies than the baked chips nobody ate unless they skipped out a meal and needed an energy boost.

The cafeteria is growing in variety with drinks and packaged snacks. For example, Bubly and sugar-free Sierra Mist

Bubly is flavored sparkling water and to my knowledge it is pretty good and I was more surprised about the sugar-free Sierra Mist, maybe that is why the vending machines are being taken away.

To help replace the money the cafeteria was losing to the vending machines back into their budget by providing what the missing vending machines already had. Have you noticed the Propel drinks and chips such as Lay’s Barbecue chips and the sugar-free Sierra Mist.

This new change could drastically affect student who rely on the vending machines during lunch; However, for teachers they might be happy to see it go.

Teachers that do allow students to eat in their room heavily stress students to pick up after themselves or the privilege is taken away. Another thing teachers comment on is the distribution of class a student may cause by fidgeting with the wrapper, ‘drawing attention’ to themselves.

So the missing vending machines are not a problem because if you want a soda grab one during lunch, but do not forget they’re sugar-free.

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