Story by Anjali McDaniel and Photos by Christian Banks

The five senior volleyball players say goodbye to their team and high school sport, but not to the lifelong memories and friends they have made over the years.

“It’s been great,” senior Amber Johnson said, “I got to bond with them and they have become my best friends because we have been through everything together on and off the court. They are people that I can come to when I’m feeling down, and they just make me smile.”

The seniors have provided a lot of support for the rest of the team which caused many of the players to look up to them for guidance.

“I think the seniors are good role models. You see them doing good and you just want to be as good as they are, so you work harder to prove yourself on the team,” sophomore Morgan Moore.

Girl’s volleyball coach, Cindy Esposito, has only been the coach at Dutch Fork for two years, but she says that these group of seniors are the most successful group she’s ever seen.  

“I’ve only been here for two years, but I’ll tell you what, this group of seniors is a special group of girls that are going to do some amazing things in the future. They’re not just amazing athletes and hard works on the court, they are amazing in the classroom and are going to be something special when they grow up,” Esposito said.

Many of the players have said that the seniors have impacted them in many ways, but especially in their volleyball playing skills.

“They’ve all been very influential in my volleyball career and different parts. They all have different things that they have influenced for me and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world,” freshman Taylor Donald said.

The volleyball team is now going to playoffs because of their successful season. This will allow the seniors and team to come together one last time and play their best.

“The team has learned to work really hard and push themselves,” Esposito said, “They have learned how to get the team spirit all together and just be a team all around and this will definitely benefit them in the long run.”

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