Story by Marissa Cleveland

The PSAT is an academic test that students who reach the midpoint of their high school career prepare to take as a preparation and practice for the real deal, the SAT. Both are very important in distinct ways, and Dutch Fork High Schools’ sophomore students discuss how they feel about the assessment, as well as how they prepare.

“I feel great, I’m ready” Sophomore, Georgette Frazier said.

On the other hand, some students didn’t feel so positive about the test.

“I felt rushed,” Sophomore Donovan Johnson said.

Sophomore Julian Sparkman felt one specific portion of the assessment was stressful.

“It was hard, the math part” he said.

The test means something significant to students who partake in it.

“It depends on what college I want to go to” Georgette said.

Sophomore, Lillian Taylor only feels the PSAT means anything to her if it benefits her in the long run.

“If it gets me into like a good college” she said.

One student says it helps them prepare for later when they take the official test.

“It helps me prepare for the real SAT” Julian said.

Math teacher, Enevelyn Hyatt prepares students for the future as well.

“It gives them a preview into the SAT, which gives them a better chance at being successful on the SAT.”

Some practiced in advance to insure they felt confident on the test day.

“Flash cards straight like that” Georgette said.

Julian used an online tool to prepare in advance.

“I read the practice test online,” he said.

A few students didn’t do any pre- assessment preparations at all.

“I forgot we had it” Donovan said.

There were strategies students used while they took the practice test.

“Taking my time and doing the ones I know,” Georgette said.

Lillian did something similar to Georgette.

“I used the process of elimination” she said.

donovan also had a strategy that worked for him.

“Read everything twice,” he said.

But, Julian didn’t have a strategy.

“I did not have a strategy, because you go in there and take the test. It was that easy” he said.

Most students think they did pretty well on the test.

“50/50 The reading was the easiest part” Lillian said.

Georgette also thinks their results will reflect how they feel about the assessment.

“I think I will do good” she said.

Donovan thought he did well except for a specific portion.

“I felt like I did good on everything except math,” he said.

In the grand scheme of things, Hyatt says the PSAT has importance behind it.

Yes, I do, especially if students take advantage of the resources that you get back with your scores. It will give them the type of questions and concepts that you need to review, and that your weak in” she said.

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