Story by Alexandria Sessions

At University of South Carolina, about 10 Schools from Lower Richland all the way to Swansea High School came down to discuss Education with students who take Teacher Cadets at their high school.

As a student in Teacher Cadet it is enlightening to see how hard teachers work on a daily. It is important to know the Behind-the-scene of what a teacher does before anyone questions their aspects.

I do have to say that being in Teacher Cadets I’ve notice many things that I have not notice. For example, global self-esteem and earned self-esteem could really affect a students learning experience. Saying ‘Hey, you’re doing great!’ , ‘ Keep trying you’ll get there.’ or ‘E for effort!’  could have a different impact than saying, ‘Susie had the best story and you did not, therefore you didn’t win.’ See how different that sounds, especially for little kids around the age of 5-10 could be detrimental.

Dutch Fork is partnered with University of South Carolina (USC) for the Teacher Cadet program which involves USC’s College of Education. Not only did they discuss about the shortage of teaching in South Carolina they also spoke heavily on financial topics like FAFSA, Scholarships and grants, and Private loans.

Even if a student was not sure if teaching is their thing, they were very respectful of to those who were indecisive and answered any questions that the student had any. One scholarship that the office of admission stressed was the Teacher Fellowship. Even if your not sure a teacher cadet should still fill it out because they will regret not getting it done because you can not go back and do it after December 1st. So if you are on the fence and you decide you do want it, you have a Teacher Fellowship to back you up.

University of South Carolina did an excellent job at hosting the event because it was a great way to meet new people and create a network of people. Because if you want a job in a new elementary school, you can look back at your teacher cadet class and the ones who actually pursue the career, can help out.

Juniors, if you’re considering joining Teacher Cadet next year, it’s a great class to take if someone is considering a leadership role. If a student is on the fence about teaching, once the class start field work then you can realize if teaching, in general, is right for you.

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