Story and Photo by Max Franks

South Carolina is a state with a rich history, filled with blood, sweat, and tears are passed down from generation to generation.  Jackie Whitmore, a historian and genealogist, came to DFHS to speak with Kelly Payne’s sociology class about his family’s own rich history.

“I thought that he had a whole wealth of knowledge to share with my sociology students, and I thought that talking about genealogy, hallmarking history, and the importance of preserving those relationships was important.” Payne Said.

Jackie spoke with Payne’s 7B Sociology class about his family history, and what he is doing to preserve it.

“He talked about the plantations his family worked on, meeting the former slave owners over his family and how, eventually, the two families became close. The family of former slave owners even apologized for what they did. To sum  up he talked about what he has gained from [his research], and how it helps him today.” Sophomore Precious Hill said.

In his quest to preserve his family’s history, Jackie has met many people. One of which was Payne.

“I met Jackie when I was taking pictures in rural Calhoun County and happened to meet three men that were installing a historical marker so I pulled over to have a conversation,” Payne said, “and next thing I knew, I was invited to the official unveiling.”

Whitmore was excited to see young people so interested and engaged with his family history.

“I hope that my presentation will allow the students the opportunity to think about their own families, their own family history and their own story,” Whitmore Said “Give them the opportunity to think about where it is that they came from. I think that when you start to look at your own family history-good, bad, ugly, whatever it is- I believe you start to think about other people, how you value other people, and how you appreciate other people.”


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