Story by Alexandria Sessions

A setter for a volleyball team is comparable to a quarterback for a football team, calling the plays and setting the ball. Along with this crucial job as setter, senior Jazmin Dunlap has managed other tasks outside the court, making her the epitome of a student athlete.

“Jazmin is a very hard worker and a dedicated player and student as well,” Varsity volleyball head coach Cindy Esposito said. “She is easy to coach because she’s always willing to work hard and want more.”  

The Coldwell Banker’s Student-Athlete of the month award focuses on the not only the characteristics of the athlete, but also their academic standing. Residential Broker, Ashley Mckee-Thompson, presented Jazmin the award and wants student-athletes to know, ‘it’s not just about the sport’, it’s about academics as well.

“It’s about the team, being apart of the team, it’s about the academic side.” Ashley said “It’s about being an all around good person.”

Jazmin is dedicated to her work and is constantly studying up, always prepared, and ready for the next assignment. She has proven herself more than worthy of the award by her efforts in school and in the sport of volleyball.

“Because volleyball is one of the lower represented sports at Dutch Fork, I am honored that they [Coldwell Banker] chose me for this award because I put a lot of time and dedication into what I do.” senior Jazmin Dunlap Said.

Volleyball, to Jazmin, is her way of reducing stress during the school year.

“What kept me motivated to continue is my love for volleyball, because without it I would have just focused on school,” Jazmin said, “But volleyball is my outlet so it gets me through the tough times at school.”

With a 5.07 GPA, Jazmin does well with keeping up with the volleyball life and looks forward to playing in college this upcoming academic year.

“I really want to go to Duke, the University of Pennsylvania or Tulane; I will play in college, I want to either walk onto a team or play at the club level.” Jazmin said.

Not only is she a beloved team player , she is a great friend. Senior Varsity volleyball player Allison Wiggs believes that Jazmin deserves this award because of her hard work ethic, her passion for the game, and the affection she shows for her teammates “she’s earned it by focusing on her weak points and working until they are now her strengths”

In the game, she’s a powerhouse motivating her teammates and making sure they have everything it needs to succeed.


“On the court Jazmin does a great job of being a leader and pumping everyone up whether it’s during practice or a game,” senior and varsity player Cara Thomason said, “She’s also an amazing setter and great communicator when on the court which is extremely important during a match.”

Jazmin inspires her teammates, Esposito hopes other student-athletes from other sports can learn from Jazmin’s effort to do great.

“Hard Work can bring great things and determination can bring great things,” Esposito said, “She’s a very determined and hardworking young lady and just wants to do the best she can in anything that she does.”

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