Story by Marissa Cleveland

Dutch Fork High School has allowed for a driving safety afterschool program to be incorporated into the daily life of certain students, who wish to obtain a school authorized parking pass. Its purpose is to educate and instill a sense of road safety and awareness while driving, to keep the driver as well as other students around the parking lot unharmed.

“It will educate them [students] on safety of driving, and how to stay safe while driving on school grounds” Sophomore, Amaya Sowell said.
Another student thinks there are specifics teens need to be alert for and taught about when it comes to road safety.

“I think Alive@25 is a thing because sometimes teenagers need to be educated on the dangers of drinking or texting and driving” Sophomore, Brianna Matthews said.

Junior, Madison Vanbrocklin simply thinks there’s a broad spectrum of important factors to learn about in regards to driving.

“So they know things that are important when driving” Madison said.

Most students express they are interested in partaking in alive@25.

“Yes, I am taking alive@25 so I can get a parking pass to be able to drive to and from school, and to participate in afterschool activities” Amaya said.

Brianna also conveys that if she was eligible to, she would take the class for similar reasons to Amaya’s.
“No, I am not taking the class because I do not have my permit so I can not take it. But, if I had my permit, I would want to take the class because then I can get my parking pass next year” Brianna said.
In contrast, not only is Madison not able to take the class, she doesn’t not have a want to do so.

“No, because I don’t have a driving license, and I don’t like driving” she said.

The question that may arise in people’s mind about this program is its effectiveness, and if it is beneficial.

“Yes, because it informs them on the safety and rules of driving on school grounds, and how they can avoid dangerous situations” Amaya said.

Brianna agrees that Alive@25 is a helpful way to educate students on road and driving safety.

“Yes, I think this class helps students because they learn ways to prevent themselves from getting into car accidents. Last year I didn’t hear about anybody getting into a car accident. So I guess the Alive@25 is doing a good job” Brianna said.

Madison also is in agreement with the other students, but says that putting forth effort and attention to the program is what makes it helpful.

“If they pay attention to it yes, because it shows them what they should and shouldn’t do” Madison said.

Since Alive@25 is designed to teach students on driving safety, and after taking the class the students have an opportunity to receive a school authorized parking pass, they convey how important it is for them to be able to drive themselves to and from school.

“It allows people to have transportation to school if it’s hard to have someone to bring you or ride the bus, and it’s easier to get to and from school on your own time without having to worry about missing the bus or someone being late to pick you up” Amaya said.

Brianna thinks it benefits not only the student, but also the parents.

“It is really important to be able to drive because it gives you more independence, and it also helps your parents when you need to get somewhere” she said.

Although, Madison doesn’t find the personal transportation necessary.

“I don’t think it matters that much” she said.

Alive@25’s overall purpose is to insure the school is doing their part on informing the students of important issues on being behind the wheel, all the students need to do is apply it.

“Young drivers are more likely to be in a accident, so therefore giving them tools to avoid those issues” History teacher, Amy Fultz said.


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