Story by Jada Metze

Each school year new upcoming freshmen arrive with different mindsets in contrast to the ideals they had in middle school, and graduating freshman transition into their later high school years with new goals, challenges and obstacles starting the next journey in their life. Students entering and exiting their high school journey have different memories to reflect back on, whether it is positive or not so positive.

“I was nervous. Where to find my classes, and how difficult my classes would be” Freshman Kennedy Henry said.

Coming into a new school environment there are various things that you have to adjust to, and learn how to maneuver around.

“It’s a lot better than I expected. I thought it was going to be scary” Freshman, Alyssa Grubbs said.

Moving into a new atmosphere can mean not being familiar with certain faces, which requires meeting new people, getting involved, and finding what makes you most happy within the school you attend.

“Spirit week because I got to see everyone come and support their school, and people would come to school dressed up and it made me really happy” Freshman, Grace Richardson said.

There are some things that freshmen expect to receive from high school, that are different from what they get.

“I was expecting a lot more work, because my teachers and parents were saying they [teachers] won’t care or let you make up work, but that’s not true” Freshman, Anthony Campbell said.

In high school, the leniency of teachers varies on the adult.

“It’s not as difficult as I thought it was gonna be. It’s not how the media portrays it” Henry said.

Having a and b day classes are beneficial to many students because they don’t have their hardest classes back to back, so that could possibly give them the opportunity to understand the concept more and study the material.

“ I like the A and B day classes so you don’t have the same one over again”

One student had mixed emotions about their upcoming high school experience.

“ I was scared but excited at the same time, because I knew I was going to meet new people, but it was a bigger school so that meant bigger opportunities” Richardson said.

There are a lot of different things to expect in high school because there is a bit more liberty. There are also a lot of new opportunities that you will have. As well as the many new people and personalities.

“It affects them because they have to go to a mature level which is the next level. It is a pre-adult stage, and they have to be respectful.” Study Hall teacher Sylvia Golston said.

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