Story by Marissa Cleveland

On Thursday, November 1st, Dutch Fork High School organized a club fair in which students can walk around the gymnasium, and learn about various clubs and organizations that the school offers. This is an opportunity for students to get involved, get to know their interests on a deeper level, and understand more about their school.

“I wanted to volunteer with ASL to get more people to join the club” Freshman, Tirah Hall said.

If or when students decided that they want to join a club, they will obtain the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

“It has a positive impact, because it can help students communicate with other people” Junior Joanmae Cabalbag said.

Another student agrees that clubs are great opportunities for students bond.

“It’s definitely positive because you have to bond with other people, make connections, and have fun” Sophomore Sean Won said.

Business education teacher, Sandra Smith-Casell, brings up service projects into her reasoning for the positive benefits of participating in clubs.

“Positive, because they are involved and the can participate in community service, competitive events, and leadership opportunities” Smith-Casell said.

Tirah conveys that partaking in a club relieves some of the stresses of school.

“Positive, because it makes school seem more fun because you get to do more things at school besides work,” she said.

One student attended the club fair to showcase his specific club.

“To show that we are a club now, and to present this new opportunity to have fun and join” Sean said.

Another student went to the fair to also support and boost their club, in which they are Vice President of.

“I am the vice president for Bata club, so to support the club and bring in new members” Senior, Keon Carter said.

On the other hand, another student went to the fair on behalf of a club they are alumni to.

“I’m representing one of my clubs that I joined last year” Joanmae said.

The overall idea of the club fair was to prompt students to join as many as they felt interest in.

“To prompt our student organization, and to encourage other students to join” Smith Casell said.

There are a plethora of reasons why people join clubs.

“To get involved with their community and express themselves” Keon Carter said.

It can even be a way to get an idea of how compatible you are with your community.

“To get a sense of their [students] bond to the school community” Sean said.

Certain clubs stand out more than others to students.

“Yoga, because it seems cool and relaxing” Tirah said.

Another student finds more interest in the club they have already been apart of.

“Our own club, fencing is the best of the best” Sean said.

One student is already participating in one club, but also plans on adding an additional club to the list.

“I’m in model in and I’m going to join key club” Keon said.

Joanmae wishes to be apart of a sign language club, but there is one conflicting issue.

“I am interested in joining the key club, and ASL [American Sign Language] club, but I don’t have time or transportation” Joanmae said.

In the whole grand scheme of things, there is one major piece of advice an involved student shares for people interested in putting themselves out in the community.

“The most important thing is having fun, so you should always join a club you think you’ll have fun in” Sean said.

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