Story by Anjali McDaniel

Politics, debates, ideals, and expression can all be found at the Young Republicans Club where students can come together and talk about their views on political matters.

“I think it’s a beneficial club to help promote young Republicans to think because a lot of younger students are more liberal and towards the democrats, so I think this is a good opportunity to for the youth to learn Republican ideals,” senior Ivy Nguyen said.

The Young Republicans Club is sponsored by English teacher Joe Landreneau. Students shouldn’t feel criticized if they want to join the club because it can be hard sometimes for people to comfortable with expressing their political views.

“I am not really big into politics and don’t really want to state my views, but I was raised in a Republican house, so I think the club is a great opportunity for young Republicans to express their ideas in a world that is so criticized by what your political views are in society,” junior Hunter Wall said.

With this club in place, students questions whether there should also be a Young Democrats Club to correspond with it.

“Yes, there should be a Young Democrats Club also. I myself have tried to institute the club and am in the process of organizing an informal talking group during lunch or Fox Focus to just discuss some of these things, but in the end I think it’s up to students to represent their own interests and the school is simply hosting,” senior Cole Lewis said.

Instead of having two different political clubs, Hunter suggests that the school has one club where everyone can come together to talk about politics without having to choose their political party at such a young age.

“I think we should have one club called the Politics Club,” Hunter said, “and I think that we should all just brawl out on whatever ideas they have. They should be able to express their ideas on different political views without judgement and keep up to date with news about politics because I feel like that’s such an important thing in society.”

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