Story by Jada Metze and Marissa Cleveland

With the season slowly approaching,Dutch Fork High school girls basketball teams are starting to prepare themselves for their upcoming season. As the the games are slowly approaching the girls basketball teams are starting after school practices and scrimmages.

“I’m a little nervous but I have high and wishes for the team so I’m pretty excited too” Junior Mallory Dozier said.

Each year there is a new season which means that there will be  a new team, new goals, different mindsets, and new people.

“I’m not at the middle school anymore. I’m ready to work hard and play hard for my team. I am excited to play with a new team and become family with new people. This year will be very different because I’m on a JV [junior varsity] team at the high school,” Freshman Rebecca Hionis said.

With there being new people on the team every year, there is also new and different athletic talent from the C team, Junior varsity, and varsity which incorporates all ages so the older players and the younger players have to learn to work together.

“I think some challenges the team will encounter during the season are incorporating new and young players into the various teams, and learning how to play together.” Sophomore Courtney Hollmon said.

Each and every season is going to be different from the last season. Every season that comes and goes has something that the other did not have.

“No because each season has its up and downs but it all depends on the attitude of the girls and staying together as one, and like I said not listening to outside sources.” Girls Varsity Coach Marilyn Norris said.

When coming in the new season with new players and vise versa, players who are experienced is something that the team as a whole has to work on so that they can build up their connective chemistry

“ With hardwork and dedication we should be fine. Everyone will just have to put in full effort, and everyone will have to be on the same page so we accomplish what we want.” Junior Varsity Coach Anthony Brown said.

In the beginning of the season the energy level is very high but as the season progresses there are many challenges that the team may face weather it maybe internal situations that have to do with basketball, or external problems the team itself may even encounter.

“Fatigue when it gets towards the middle of the season and trying to fight toward that feeling of being tired.” Senior Katrice Jackson said.

As the team learns, grows, and prospers they will learn a lot not only from each other, but from their coaches as well.

“I think the season will go well because we have a really good coach who knows a ton about the game. The players on the team work well together as well.” Hionis said

The girls basketball teams all have been coached by the fantastic girls  basketball coaches that we have at Dutch Fork High School and they are pushing towards promising success this season.

“If everyone stays positive and comes willing to work. It will depend on those type of things, but I think it will go well it we stick together, play together, and stay focused on the team.” Girls Varsity Coach Marilyn Norris said.

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