Story by Anjali McDaniel

Two juniors, Mackenzie McKey and Mattie Mount, took charge and decided to create a Young Democrats Club, so that both political parties could be equally represented at the school.

“My co-president and I created the club because we believed that all students’ voices should be heard and accounted for, not just one specific group or political party. This way we can compromise on everyone’s opinions,” Mackenzie said.

This student organized club was made possible because of their actions in creating it and they made everything happen in a short period of time.

“The process [of creating the club] was fairly simple,” Mackenzie said, “We asked a staff member to administrate the club, we signed a few papers that were required to start a club, and then came up with ideas and confrontational issues to discuss.”

The club provides a safety network for the students to come learn and express their ideas about the Democratic party.

“People should join because I think people should be able to feel safe about voicing their opinions and to learn about politics because it’s going to be our future and they should learn about it as much as they can now,” Mattie said.

For some students in the club, they like the feeling of being able to express their ideas without being judged.

“People should really join this club because it provides a safe space for them to talk about their democratic beliefs and not be judged,” junior Alexis McGowan said.

If students want to get involved in this club, they can go to room 258 during first lunch fox focus and learn about the new opportunities the club will bring them.

“We just discuss what it means to be involved in the democratic party,” Mattie said, “We’re going to try and go on field trips and just figure out what it means to be a Democrat and talk through it. We wouldn’t mind discussing views with the Young Republicans because it’s important to learn about everyone’s views.”

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