Story by Marissa Cleveland

As fall began to approach, students, teachers, and administrators look forward to their first semi long break before christmas. Thanksgiving break is a time many students partake in lots of eating and spending time with family, but ultimately everyone has their own ways of spending the break.

“I am going to charlotte to my aunts house” Freshman Kori Peterman said.

Another student is also going out of town to spend time with his family during break.

“I am going to go to a barnwell to see my grandmother and her farm,” Sophomore Matthew Allen said.

Junior, Korbyn O’banion is staying in the area with her family.

“My family will be coming to my house to have dinner, and i’ll be watching football” she said.

English teacher Mrs. Ramp, isn’t spending all of her break grading because she has some family plans as well.

“We are having thanksgiving at my house and inviting my family and inlaws and frying turkey” she said.

On the other hand, Senior Cole Lewis will not be using his break for relaxation and family time much. He is dedicating it to school work.

“Not much just studying because I got midterm exams” he said.


Most students don’t plan on doing assignments over these days.

“Because i’m going to already have it done” Kori said.

Matthew is not going to do work over the break because he doesn’t want to.

“No, because my grades are good and their fine, but I’m not a big fan of doing stuff over the break” he said.

Korbyn thinks she will be too preoccupied with her family to complete her work.

“No, I will probably be distracted because my family will be at the house” she said.

Ramp’s other half of her break will be spent filling up her gradebook.

“Yea I’m grading papers” she said.

Besides what people will do over their break, up to the days they are off they look forward to not coming to school.

“Because it’s just time for a break” Kori said.

Cole says he has anticipated the break because his classes are a burden.

“It will just be a nice rest. I have pretty intense course load” he said.

A common favorite food during thanksgiving is turkey, in which Ramp likes.

“Fried turkey or candied yams” she said.

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