Story and Photos by Alexandria Sessions

The news blares it almost every week and Donald Trump, our President finds ways to dispute it every time. It worries some experts who claim Climate Change is real, when the President of the United States who is supposed to be an inspiration or a great role model will not listen to the experts nor take consideration of what’s being said.

Californa has experienced drought and wildlife fires, not once not twice but multiple times the excuse from the President this time is not climate change, but the “forest management is poor.”  However, signs point to climate change, according to USA today and their sources, Climate

Change is when the use of greenhouse gases warm the planet, like Carbon and methane. The warming of the planet is what is causing the drought in California which in turns hands out a forest fire.

The effects of the forest fires will raise the global Climate because trees use CO (Carbon monoxide) to process and concoct food it also takes carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere that us humans give off. Since the trees are being burnt down by wildfires because of droughts it creates a problem for the population because as a human when we exhale we let out carbon dioxide which the trees take; however, if the trees are gone where is the carbon dioxide going? Into the atmosphere.

So, is Climate Change real? Yes, it is demonstrated by the California wildfires and melting of the polar icecaps. We see it in the sea level rising as well and according to NASA, the temperature has risen 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit. On NASA’s website, there are sources available that portray what the earth looks from different perspectives like global warming and the height of the sea level.

If you are concerned and want to learn more surf their site and help prevent climate change because at this point the President is not doing anything to help. The best way to help with climate change is to try to reduce the use of greenhouse gases like fo driving try carpooling. In the house, you can conserve energy by unplugging appliance that you are not using or try to buy appliances that are labeled  Energy Star. The reason for conserving energy is because the way a household receives energy is by the way it gets process by nonrenewable sources that give off greenhouse gases like Carbon and CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbon.

Conserving energy prevents the production of making more and in turn, decreases the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the planet needs the best technology to look into what is going on with the environment and without the proper investments that will not be possible.

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