Story by Anjali McDaniel

As winter break approaches and students and staff are ready to leave for the holidays, the turmoil of midterm exams also finds its way into the mind’s of the students.

“I don’t like having midterms right before break because I am just ready to go home and chill and celebrate Christmas,” junior Alexis McGowan said.

Even though exams are proven to be stressful for others, there are ways to help students prepare for them and feel better about exam day.

“Some advice that I have for students to relieve the stress of exams is not to cram the night before,” junior Gabrielle Niles said, “Everyone should review old content over time, especially as you get closer to the exam date.”

For sophomore Li Ward, the stress during exam week is hardly there. He does the best he can and doesn’t stress at all.

“I just study,” Li said, “There is no special method that I use. I just sometimes go during Fox Focus to review with my teachers, but basically you just have to study.”

Seniors have a lot of experience when taking their midterm exams. Senior Mary Blitch shares her opinions on how she thinks the lower classmen should study.

“Some advice that I have for lower classman is to not procrastinate or wait until the last minute to actually start studying. Just continue to like slowly review your work,” Mary said.

While students have their own opinions about methods for studying, teachers also have an input on what they believe is most effective for students preparing for exams. Students should use the advice they receive for how to study and use it to their advantage to have a successful exam week.

“I think the first thing to do is get all of your notes and handouts organized and start working through that, or work on a study guide,” social studies teacher Robert Barron said, “If you come across things on the study guide that you don’t understand, then go to the book or notes to find more details. It’s all about spending some time with it. You probably need to study for several hours, but break it up over different sessions, like an hour or so here and a couple of hours there. Don’t try and cram it all in at once.”

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