Story by Anjali McDaniel

Dutch Fork has just created the Expression Session for students to participate in on Thursdays during their Fox Focus time. It was started to help encourage everyone to get out on stage and express their talents for the student body to see.

“The expression session is a place for students to showcase their talents, so it’s almost like a little talent show, but we wanted it to be a little more, so that we can involve all different varieties up there, so like poetry reading, monologue, acting, playing an instrument, just any kind of talent that you’re willing to show,” administrator Ginny Haynes said.

During the Expression Session, students who signed up go up on stage and show off their talents. Students who aren’t participating are allowed to come into the auditorium during their Fox Focus time and watch the talent.

“I like the Expression Sessions because I get to sit, relax, and watch the talented students do what they do,” junior Alexis McGowan said.

Students participating in the session inspire other students to want to participate also.

“I think it’s a good time for students to show off their talents,” sophomore Addy Morley said, “and learn who they truly are and it’s interesting to me to see this as apart of the audience because it inspires me.”

The session doesn’t only allow students to participate and have fun during this time; it also provides a time for students to build confidence.

“Any time you are able to show people who you are, I think that it builds confidence. If you are able to stand up in front of people and say, ‘This is me and I’m okay with it being me,’ definitely builds confidence within yourself. I think that it just well roundly builds a lot of respect and community within our family here,” Haynes said.

Students are encouraged to participate and to not be afraid to express themselves.  

“We have amazing students,” Haynes said, “We need to continue to showcase them. It’s not just in a field or on a stage or in the classroom, but it’s all encompassing. We want to showcase that we have students that can do everything.”

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