Story by Alexandria Sessions

Being interested in a topic and not being able to voice an opinion is frustrating, there’s a class for that. Brittany Holden, a science teacher host an annual Research Symposium for her AP research students, which contain upperclassmen.

“It’s really important for students to be able to get feedback on their projects in order to fix their projects… so they can carry out a good project for the remainder of the school year”  Holden said.

Members receive the opportunity to research a self-chosen project and present that to faculty and current students at Dutch Fork. It’s for students to make edits to their projects to better their research before officially presenting them to officials of College Board.

“We are presenting our AP research presentation in order to officially start research we would have to get them approved by college board and  our teacher,” senior Aidan McCabe said “It’s kind of an initial presentation to make sure our presentation is correct and heading in the right direction.”

Their self-chosen projects allow them to research topics they’ve been concerned about and also raise other issues for others to look into.

“My topic is on drug delivery and it’s with using emulsions as drug delivery instead of a nanoparticle and other resources that we do now,” Senior Jazmin Dunlap said. “We’re focusing on resveratrol which is an anti infranatant.”

Not only does it allow on look by professionals, the member of the AP Research class gains advantages for the next step, college.

“It’s a great program, AP Capstone is well recognized at many universities and looks really good when applying to colleges,” Holden said.

If research is exciting for any student, this class might be great to mention to an assigned counselor for classes next year.

“Students in AP Seminar and AP research learn how to properly research and carry out an investigation on some sort of topic,” Holden said “AP Seminar uses all the skills, it’s a skill based class, so they learn all the skills that they need to carry out their own projects in AP Research.”

Students have positive feedback about the seminar class an advice for students why enjoy Science and research.

“This Class is good because you get the Capstone which is good with colleges,” senior Joe Turner said “ It is an interesting class if you find a subject you are passionate about. If you could find something that you really want to research and present, it’s truly a fun class.”

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