Story by Alexandria Sessions

Fresh shoe scuffs marks the gymnasium floor as the Varsity boys are hard a work preparing for the new basketball season. With hopes of snagging more wins this season the boys prepare for more competitive games.

“The teams we will be playing this season isn’t the problemI think as a team we can do better than what we have been doing,” junior Tachawn Brooks said “The other schools do have good ball teams but I think we have the talent and trust in each other to beat anybody in our region

It’s not just the team that helps with the win it is also the coach that provides the support for the team to succeed.

“My coach [Brethel] makes sure our attitudes and grades are right, sophomore Chris Jamison said “He also pushes us to hustle and play as hard as we can.”

Last season has come and gone and now the players are hoping for something different than last year, in terms of games and skills.

“I hope to increase my ball handling and get better overall as a player.” Chris said

On top of individual skills, the players hope the team can improve on team skills to better their games as a whole.

“I think we need to improve on defense, communication and effort.” Sophomore AJ knight said.

Just like the team Jones, have goals for the team this year to guide them to success. As the season starts up and begins, the players have one main goal.

“What we looking forward to this season,” AJ said “is to put Dutch Fork on the map.”  

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