Story by Christian Banks

The Dutch Fork marching band’s long hours of practice since July has helped them on their journey to State Finals. They start band camp in the middle of summer to prepare for their competitions, but they also have to focus on getting prepared for the Friday night varsity football games.

The band has seven competitions overall during their season and they lead up to Lower State competition. The band placed second overall at Lower State, which got them qualified for State Finals.

The marching band had their state finals last weekend at Spring Valley High School, due to the success of the season, they felt they had a really good chance.

“We felt it went really well. As soon as we got off the buses we had this feeling, we knew we were going to do really well,” sophomore Gabriella McLeod said.

Band has been preparing since July for this competition. They have been practicing regularly to prepare for this event.

“There was a lot of practice three out of five days that we went to school. It was always practice, practice, practice, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,”  junior Caholi Priest said.

Hard work and dedication often ends in success, and for the band, this was the case. They feel they did their best at the competition and that was all that matters.

“I personally don’t think the band could have done any better than we already did because we practice deliberately for state these last couple of weeks,” Caholi said. “We did everything that we could we went out there and did our best like we usually do and it’s in the end it just came down to what the judges thought so that’s it.”

Some members believed they deserved a higher score. The marching band placed fourth out of the sixteen marching bands in their division.  

“We should’ve ranked higher but we didn’t. The judge has an opinion and we have to respect the opinion. There’s nothing we can do about it now. If that’s what he really thought then that’s what we deserved,” Ella said.

Although members are upset they did not earn a medal, they are happy with this season’s results.

“I was okay with it, I really wanted to win. It was pretty cool getting to go to state and all,” junior Rayne Norris said.

Overall, this season has brought a lot of success to  the marching band, they have shown everyone their best side.

“I think this season is the best Dutch Fork marching band has ever seen,” junior Jadon Stanek said, “we proved to other schools that Dutch Fork is changing the game” .

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