Story by Alexandria Sessions

Whatever happened to the class trips that a school would take in elementary or middle school, you know the ones that were educational but fun not just for grade,Students want more of those. The senior class of 2019 have not had a bonding trip together since 7th grade. Other than the Anne Frank, all our trips were either changed or taken away.

For example, the medieval times trip that was scheduled in 6th grade was taken away and replaced with the zoo.

Another example was our 8th trip to Washington D.C. was taken away as well. It’s understood that being in high school comes with a lot of time focused on education and graduation, but recently during homeroom, a PowerPoint went out to students and teachers about stress and how to reduce.

Field trips could possibly reduce the stress of the students and could also give them benefits outside of school. According to Jay P. Greene’s article The Educational Value of Field Trips: schools exist to educate students not only mathematically and literacy but in to produce “civilized young men and women who would appreciate the arts and culture.”

Although field trips are a good idea there are factors that could prevent the process of having one, like financial pressure could hinder the events that take place in a field trip. Although there are financial planning that has to be thought out, there can be fundraisers that could help raise the money and lower the cost of the trip.

Even though there are not any studies that show how a field trip could benefit a or take away from a student’s education, it still provides an experience outside of the school background. A class trip could help the students create relationships and get to know the their classmates they would most likely be graduating with, not only does that create a family atmosphere but it also gives opportunity to the students to make friends with those they have never met.

Field trips are fun and might help another student learn by seeing it in action to simply being to put their hands on something to stimulate their brain; it’s a different way to learn and seeing as though it does not take away from the education and taking a field trip can be used to reward the students on their hard work.

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