Story by Marissa Cleveland

In the 2018-2019 school year, many students decided to take journalism as an elective class, some have even been apart of the class for longer than this past school year. There are both different forms and different levels of journalism at Dutch Fork High school, but each class has a lasting effect on both the students who take it and the teacher who instructs.

“We go to events like SCSPA and we take classes like learning how to photoshop, taking interviews, using cameras, etc. “Senior Alexandria Sessions said

When participating in journalism, skill sets are acquired that could even be used in another class with similar rigorous guidelines.

“Learning how to write better, and knowing what sources are credible,” Junior Tre Wood said.

Another student obtained similar skill sets awhile being apart of journalism in addition to other personal gains.

“Learning to write better, talk to people more and be more interactive, and I also learned leadership skills” Junior, Anjali McDaniel said.

Journalism seems to play a major role in students interactive ability, as expressed by Senior, Kurtis Franks.

“Definitely improved my writing. I was really shy when I first came here my being our journalism has helped me come out of my shell a little bit” he said.

Journalism teacher, Amy Medlock-Greene says the class is a full package. Journalism is beneficial to a student’s future life, even after they succeed in the class.

“Journalism encompasses everything you need to be successful in life. It teaches you how to communicate effectively, how to be a strong writer, how to ask good questions, how to interact with people, and how to manage your time wisely. These are skills that won’t only help you in a journalism class, but ones that will help you in your collegiate and professional life as well” she said.

Each student took journalism for different reasons, maybe because it has qualities of opportunity, it encompasses characteristics of what the student likes, or for any other.

“I started out in creative writing freshman year and then moved up to newspaper sophomore year. I just love the independence to write about important things in the school” Anjali said.

Alexandria originally didn’t have much interest in Journalism until someone changed her outlook.

“I am in silver screen and newspaper. I was more interested in creative writing until Mrs. Medlock showed me the talents I have from creative writing, and how to use them and once I got into the journalism class i realized I really enjoyed it because I can use my social skills in this career field.”

As students go through their high school journeys, they aspire to take classes that would generally direct them to their dream career field after they graduate. One student plans to reach for a journalism career.

“Because I enjoy talking to people, and being in front of a camera because it is fun” Alexandria said.

Anjali isn’t knocking the opportunity off of her list, but it’s not the only option she is observing.

“It’s definitely an option I am thinking about because I love it. But, I am also exploring other career paths” she said.

On the contrary, Tre has decided Journalism is not for him long term.

“Because it seems like it would be stressful trying to get stories due on time. But, it’s not a bad profession to go into” he said.

Journalism can introduce a feeling of burden on students balancing it and other classes, but the class still initiates positive changes in students who take it.

“In a positive way it has stressed me out more, but I have met a lot of new people and overall it has impacted my life in nothing but great ways” Max said.

Medlock- Greene conveys Journalism’s impact on her life over the years, and she wouldn’t change being in the profession for another.

“I started working on my high school newspaper staff my senior year, and that’s when the journalism bug bit me. When I started college, it was as a journalism major. I later changed to English just so I could teach high school journalism. When I started working at Dutch Fork, I told our principal at the time that I wanted to advise the newspaper, and I was lucky enough to get that opportunity back in 1998. I added Silver Screen in 2005, and have loved working with high school reporters for the past 20 years” she said.

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