Story by Jada Metze

As the weather begins to change and more holidays are coming up, students and staff are preparing themselves to spend time with their family and friends for Christmas break. Christmas break is the time when there’s a chance to decompress and spend more time relaxing or celebrating with family and friends.

“Probably sleep I don’t do much,” freshman Aiden Morris said.

During the winter break, everyone is doing something different. There is a variety of things that people could possibly do whether it’s going to visit family, traveling to new places, spending time with friends, or even staying at home to relax.

“It gives us enough time to rest and take a break from school,”  Sophomore Julian Sparkman said.

With the upcoming break, there are some people that are actually ready for the break to be heard because they are ready for a break from school and spending time a home with their family as well as just having time to themselves.

“Yes because teachers like assigning homework over the break for whatever reason,” Junior Jaylen Metze said

Not everyone is excited about the break because some teachers are still going to have assignments that are going to need to be completed over the break that may need to be completed over the break or when they come back from the break.

“At the beginning, I’ll probably be tired and not as  motivated to do work,” Senior Katrice Jackson said

With the break being so long there are an of pros and cons when coming back to school after the break and one of the cons of it is when you have to get back motivated to do your work and get back into the swing of things.

“I will probably forget stuff,” Morris said

After the longs break it is kinda hard trying to refresh your memory with the things that you have already learned before the break. Then also having to learn new information because you will have to refocus your brain.

“Yes, because it’s longer and I just love Christmas,” Jackson said.

Some people are just ready to start the break because Christmas is their favorite holiday to celebrate.

“I have to go to California for my grandma’s funeral service, so that is not fun, but while we’re there, we’ll go to Universal Studios. They just built Harry Potter World, so we are going to see that while we’re there. Other than that I plan to eat, sleep, and read,” history teacher Molly Dawson said.

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