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Upcoming Exams Week

Story & Photo by Tyeoyna Anderson 


As the 2017 school year comes to an end students and staff members prepare for the upcoming exams. “Don’t try to study for one night, maybe break it up, but the biggest thing is [that] they need to study to be prepared don’t wait till the last minute. Exams are test given from the district to see where students are in their current courses, students must really be prepared. “I prepare for the exams by studying the study guides. My favorite part of the exams is that they are in the last week of school and than we have the break, so it basically marks the end of school until the next year. Even though you studied and prepared a lot, you are still stressed and nervous because it affects your grade the most.” Freshman Darian Sulejmanovic said. With Christmas Break approaching, students are excited to take their exams and end the 2017 school year with a bang. My favorite part about exams”, Senior Meghan Jones said,” knowing that the school year is almost over.

Food Drive in Dutch Fork Commons

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Adell Pitts


This year, student council is holding a food drive for those in need this season. Continue reading “Food Drive in Dutch Fork Commons”

Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams

Story by Anjali McDaniel


The time to take midterm exams is closing in and students are preparing for them in different ways. Continue reading “Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams”

Extensive Work put n for the Dance Program’s Winter Concert

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Tyeoyna Anderson

For most students, December is a time to relax and begin studying for exams. But for the Dance program, it means quite the opposite. Their annual winter concert means days of preparation and practice to make sure the Thursday and Friday shows are seamless. Continue reading “Extensive Work put n for the Dance Program’s Winter Concert”

Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors

Story and Photo by Caroline Harvey, and Alexandria Sessions


After a student brought a gun on campus here, students and adults began to question our safety and ways to improve it. One main safety procedure now being discussed by school administrators, is the installation of metal detectors. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors”

Fall Dance Concert

Story by Maria Eduarda Silva, Photo by Tyeoyna Anderson Continue reading “Fall Dance Concert”

Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers

Story by Alexandria Sessions


Attention all readers. There’s a social platform where books are the star of the show. Books, books, and more books; it sounds scary for  non-readers, but just wait and see why Goodreads is worth it. Continue reading “Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers”

Back to Back: Football looks to repeat as champions

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Goflashwin


For the second year in a row, the football team will be playing for a state championship. After last Friday’s 24-14 victory over Fort Dorchester, Varsity football Coach Knotts has led his team to a 5A-best 28-1 record over the last two seasons. Continue reading “Back to Back: Football looks to repeat as champions”


Written by Sabrina Santos

People today make many decisions based on impulse; teenagers are guilty of doing this often. Continue reading “Decisions”

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