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Seniors take one step closer to graduation

Story by Lindsay Long, Destiny White, and Hannah Wright

    With the much anticipated day of graduation coming up, seniors are becoming ecstatic and anxious for the upcoming weeks. Continue reading “Seniors take one step closer to graduation”

Juniors and senior prepare for crucial assessment

Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto, and Max Franks

As juniors and seniors await the end of the year, they prepare for yet another standardized assessment. The SAT tests students on their abilities in various subjects, such as math and English. Some students study extensively for this test, but all students have different methods of preparing for a test like this. For some, that can simply be paying attention in class. Continue reading “Juniors and senior prepare for crucial assessment”

Senior Field Day

Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto, and Max Franks

With the school year coming to an end, seniors anxiously prepare for graduation, college, and the pressure that comes with being an upperclassmen. Although this is a stressful time, students do get special privileges, starting with senior field day. To senior Courtney General, senior field day is a good idea because it helps alleviate this stress but also because it provides an escape from the busy school day. Continue reading “Senior Field Day”

Spotlight: dancing through life

File_000 (2).jpeg

Story and photo by Zakiya Austin

Dutch Fork is home to many extraordinary scholars, athletes, and leaders. Among them is senior Rachel Crockett. Rachel is captain of the schools Dazzlers dance team and apart of the Dance V Honors program here at Dutch Fork High School.

Continue reading “Spotlight: dancing through life”

From a senior: a reflection on high school


Story and photo by Trey Martin

As the days of the school year wind down, the realization that high school will be over has barely set in. Looking back over the years, there have been plenty of great memories of high school, and a lot of not so great ones as well.

Continue reading “From a senior: a reflection on high school”

Boys Lacrosse team reflects on season, looks to the future


Story by Sam Aaron, photo by GoFlashWin

The final buzzer sounds as the Dutch fork Lacrosse team solemnly walks across the field to greet their victor, the Blythewood Bengals. The Foxes came up short in round two of the 5A state playoffs.  The Bengals emerged victorious 8-6.

Continue reading “Boys Lacrosse team reflects on season, looks to the future”

3 and up

Story by Haley Dixon


Everybody has at least heard of an AP exam, whether they themselves are taking an AP course or they know someone who is in an AP class. AP classes are classes that once completed, you are required to take an exam. If you pass the exam, you get college credit for the class. If you don’t, the time you spent in the class is essentially wasted. Continue reading “3 and up”

Students learn new material for AP exams

AP Exam pictureStory by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto


Students work hard to prepare for their AP exams, which can take a lot of hard work, but also be very time consuming. Continue reading “Students learn new material for AP exams”

Students make up their school absences

SAMP pictureStory by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto

If students miss a certain amount of days then they have to make them up so that they don’t have to retake the class next year. Students have to come in on the weekend and makeup however many hours they need for each class. According to sophomore Kendra Robinson Yes, that way if you miss a lot of classes you can make them up. Students are able to get the opportunity to makeup their absences. Students do have to sign up and pay a fee in order to do SAMP. Continue reading “Students make up their school absences”

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