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DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech

Story by Christian Banks and Photos provided by Sabra Neal

Everyone wants to be remembered in some way whether it be leaving behind a legacy or making history. Dutch Fork graduate Dr. SaBra Neal did both, when she became the first African American to receive a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and paving way for other minorities interested in CSE. Continue reading “DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech”

The National Merit Scholarship offers opportunities to students

Story by Anjali McDaniel

New ideas, new opportunities, and new lifes start when students are offered the National Merit Scholarship for their hard working dedication throughout their high school careers. Continue reading “The National Merit Scholarship offers opportunities to students”

Alexandria Hendrick named District Five Teacher of the Year

Story by Anjali McDaniel

Her kindness, spirit, warmth, friendliness, love of education and the heart of a good teacher is what won social studies teacher Alexandria Hendrick the title of District Teacher of the Year. Continue reading “Alexandria Hendrick named District Five Teacher of the Year”

VEX Robotics goes to worlds

Story by Ta’Nya Davis

VEX Robotics has built robots all the way to the top and has been nominated for the world competition due to all of their hard work and craftsmanship. With their teamwork and dedication they have found a way to make their voices heard through their creations.

“We divide and generally do different roles, one person documents all acts we are doing and writes it down,” sophomore Arjun Verma said. “One person does all the programming for the robot and generally two or three people built the robot. People specific skills are taken and apply in certain ways so that they can do their best.”

Everyone has their own reasons for joining the club but what all members have in common is the determination to strive for higher goals.

“Long time ago back in fifth grade I joined a lego league robotics I had so much fun doing that so I wanted to do more, so in seventh grade I decided to join the Dutch Fork Middle School’s Robotics team that was our first year doing it and we made it to world,” sophomore Guytano Mancine said. “After that it was such a great experience I wanted to keep doing it. We won eighth grade year. We also went to world and I’m just in robotics and it is a great experience.”

With each person having a specific role on the team they all depend on each others skill to succeed.

“We split our roles, we are only a 3 person team. I am the one who does the programming and engineer notebook,” sophomore Jenna Hofseth said. “Which just us recording that we are going throughout the year. Guytano and third member he does the building and driving.”

For sophomore Jack Oberman his team they work pretty well together because they all have different suits and areas that they are good at and with that they coordinate together making everything turn out well in the end.

“I mainly joined because I wanted to be with my friends more and I also wanted to learn more about technology since I’m not taking a lot of technology classes,” sophomore Maha Mushtaq said.

In order to get to world competitions first you must obtain an award beforehand according to Guytano. VEX Robotics team 7432C won state; the team went on to qualify for Worlds. 7432C consist of Guytano, Jenna and sophomore Tommy Pinckney.

“We made it to the finals for state and because we made to the final for state we qualify for worlds. Our sister team 7432C actually won the entire state competition,” Arjun said.

From April 25th to May 1st, Louisville , Kentucky will be holding the Worlds Vex Robotics competition where 579 of the best robotics teams from across the world will compete at the Kentucky Exposition Center for the number one spot as the worlds best Robotics crew.

“It feels amazing and fantastic. No one expected us to get here. No one prepared funding for us to go,” Jack said. “So that fact that two teams from Dutch Fork are going is an amazing thing.”

According to Jack it was a very fortunate pairing for the teaming and also very fortunate that their robots did not screw up during the the competition so everything worked out pretty well.

“I would recommend anyone who is really interested in engineering view or programming it’s really hands on you can do a lot of things build robots for literally anything you want to,” Guytano said. “Basically anyone who just is interested.”

AP testing and the students preparation for it

Story by Malaysia Golson  Continue reading “AP testing and the students preparation for it”

Dutch Fork Football begins the journey for another state championship

Story by Gracie Hine and Morgan Wilkinson

As spring sports come to an end, Dutch Fork football comes back into play. With the weather warming up, the boys dedication, drive, and hope for another state ring are helping them have positive attitudes during these straining practices. Although the extra practices in the heat are straining, the players realize the benefits of them in the long run.   Continue reading “Dutch Fork Football begins the journey for another state championship”

Senior student-athletes leave behind a legacy of success

Story by Gracie Hine

For the last time, players untied their shoes, took off their uniforms, and exited the locker room ending their tenure as a student-athlete at Dutch Fork. In a year full of lasts, many athletes played in what would be their final game over the past year. After four years of putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their respective sports, it all comes to an end in what is undoubtedly an emotional moment for each senior athlete. Continue reading “Senior student-athletes leave behind a legacy of success”

Students and teachers find new solutions to make up work after ALEC closes

Story by Anjali McDaniel

With students missing school for various reasons, ALEC has been there to provide a workplace for students to finish their make up assignments during an appropriate time that is beneficial for them and teachers. Now, ALEC is closed and students must plan with their teachers to find an alternative to finish their work. Continue reading “Students and teachers find new solutions to make up work after ALEC closes”

Dutch Fork Lacrosse takes one final shot at the state championship

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Go Flash Win

An entire season of determination and hard work by the boys’ lacrosse team culminated in the first ever appearance in the 5A state championship game. On April 28, the team played in the sweltering afternoon heat against Wando High School, and despite the fact that they did not get the intended result, the experience itself proved to be quite valuable. Continue reading “Dutch Fork Lacrosse takes one final shot at the state championship”

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